rig crew

Assistance in providing various qualified rig crews for the offshore drilling rigs and vessels. Additionally to western crew our advantage is the knowledge and understanding of the eastern European market. That allows us to extend our search in older to fill in following positions:

Offshore Installation Managers;
  • Tool Pushers;
  • Rig Engineers;
  • Maintenance Supervisors;
  • Mechanics;
  • Electricians;
  • Electronic Technicians;
  • Drillers;
  • Catering Crews.

Integrity is a critical aspect of our "way of working". Our commitment to excellence includes the policy of never submitting a candidate to an employer without his permission and without thoroughly discussing the position. Additionally, our recruiting process ensures that during sourcing, rigorous validation checks are done before any prospects are sent to the clients thereby providing the best potential candidates for the workforce - promptly and efficiently.


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