rig inspections

Whether you are a client operating the rig or a rig owner itself we are here to make sure your rig is compliant with the latest rules and regulations (ABS, DNV, API, SOLAS, IMO etc) as well as will perform its operation accordingly to technical design and industry expectations.

We can survey your rig immediately in the shipyard before or shortly after the delivery and confirm all the systems and machineries are installed according to technical specification and industry practices. Witnessing final Rig Integrity Test in the shipyard will allow us to develop comprehensive report in which we provide our client information on recommended upgrades and modifications that improve rig performance, safety and integrity. Our staff have substantial hands-on experience gained when working on the offshore rigs and from the construction projects in the shipyards. We are familiar with the rules but also with equipment that we installed, operated and maintained in the past. Knowing both sides we are competent to instantly spot failures and potential problems that may occur during drilling operation.

Optimising your rig early will save your money later.


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